Heavy Machines used in Excavation

Construction industries require heavy machines that can effectively manage tasks such as lifting, digging, and carrying stuff. Technology has made things easier than before, constant innovation in engineering is driving the world of tomorrow by offering cutting-edge pieces of hardware that can assist in building and carrying out big construction projects. Even though many of the machines that do the construction tasks have been in existence for a long time but as already mentioned, there is always space for improvement and integration of newer demands of the market. Excavation machines are expensive pieces of machinery and they are rented based on projects, New Town is one such rental service provider who is good at heavy machinery Singapore. Excavators are also good for demolition purposes as they can do a variety of jobs, LKG Recycling is famous for demolition services.


Excavators are heavy machines that are used for multiple purposes in the construction industry. They have an arm, a bucket, a rotating cabin, and movable tracks that help in mobility. They come in various types such as mini excavators or hydraulic excavators to name a few. They are used for digging earth and holes, lifting objects and river dredging, etc. Depending upon the range and scope of the projects, there are different types of excavators available, also, you can add extra attachments for enhancing ability. Check out the range of excavators offered by New Town.

Wheel loaders

Wheel loaders are also heavy machines with increased capacity. They are also used in a variety of ways on construction sites. They are also called bucket loaders because it has a bucket in its arm. They are used for moving large amounts of earth or any other material because the buckets installed in them can carry more and have a similar purpose to that of an excavator such as digging trenches and lifting objects.


Bulldozers are the strongest piece of heavy machines used in construction industries. They are very powerful when it comes to moving earth from large areas, also, these extremely heavy machines can crush large boulders and smoothen the process of pushing earth from the surface.

Excavation is the process of digging and removing earth from the surface and all of these heavy machines mentioned above carry the same task albeit in a different manner and differ in their capacity. They come in a wide variety and are used heavily in construction sites.