The Reasons For Chimney Damage And How To Fix It

There are a number of reasons why the vital work of repairing a chimney may become necessary – structural decay, build up of hardened soot, cracks and so on – and it is a difficult task. It can also be expensive.

Often, the cause of chimney damage is simple wear and tear and, crucially, neglect on the part of the householder. Yes, the majority of chimney problems can be avoided with proper maintenance and routine sweeping. Having said that, some issues are unavoidable, like those caused be adverse weather. In Ireland, the weather can be harsh in the wintertime. Frost, snow and strong winds are common, as is heavy rain fall – all of which can take their toll on a chimney.

Possibly the most dangerous type of weather related chimney damage comes as a result of gale force winds, which often cause the top portion of a chimney to collapse. This can cause damage to the roof also.

This is where a company that specializes in chimney repairs and general roofing can be of great help. It is highly convenient to get all of the repair work done by a single company, so bear this in mind when making your choice. You’re also likely to save money with this approach.

A small team of tiling and building experts can quickly rebuild a chimney and repair displaced or damaged slates and tiles.

Sometimes, though, the problem can be lower down, in the interior of the chimney, as in the case of cracks that have gotten worse over a long period of time. This can be quite common in older buildings, especially ones that are damp. A situation like this can be much more challenging, not to mention dangerous. Start by getting a cctv camera inspection of the chimney from a professional. After this, quite intricate rebuilding and relining work will very likely be required, but it’ll be worth the time, effort and money. You can’t put a price on safety.

If you are located in Ireland and are concerned about any of the aforementioned problems, contact dublin chimney repairs, a professional company that can deliver excellent results. They have decades of experience in the Irish construction industry and offer a quick turnaround and reasonable rates.